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Primary Recruitment 2024

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V A L U E S - B A S E D  R E C R U I T M E N T

The Primary Recruitment process at Sam Houston State University is an exciting time that gives you the opportunity to develop friendships, find a home away from home, and find a group of girls that align with your personal values. All 5 of our chapters here at SHSU have values that they were founded on! Members today, uphold these values and take great pride in them. 

The recruitment process will help you identify which chapter aligns best with your person values and the place you feel most at home. To find more information about our chapters, visit the 'Chapters' tab!

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Primary recruitment registration link opens June 6th 


The primary recruitment registration link closes August 11th


Sign-Up Fee Includes

- Lodging

- Panhellenic Assessment

- Lunch for the week of recruitment

- Dinner for the week of recruitment

- Transportation

Recruitment this year will look different compared to recent years. Due to space constraints in the student center we have no other choice but to hold recruitment early. With that being said, potential new members will stay at BearKat Camp for 4 nights, be provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day, as well as receive transportation to and from BearKat camp to campus each day. By staying at the university camp we aim to enhance Panhellenic spirit on our campus.  We have tons of activities planned for the week so they can better know their Rho Gammas and community around them. This will give pnm's more time to spend with other girls going through the same process which will build stronger ties beyond recruitment week regardless of the letters these girls receive on Bid Day.

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Round Descriptions

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August 12th @3-6pm


At orientation, the Potential New Member will meet their Rho Gamma's and the other girls in the group. On this day the PNM will be informed of all Primary Recruitment rules, outfits for the week, and what the week will consist of!

August 13th @10am

Fraternal Values 

On this day the Potential New Member will meet with all 5 chapters in a relaxed setting and learn about the general information, values, and all about sisterhood! At the end of this round, the PNM will rank each chapter in order of preference.

August 14th @1pm


During the Philanthropy round the PNM will be invited back to up to 4 chapters. Not everyone will be invited back to 4, it is normal and okay if a PNM does not receive invitations back to 4! In this round, a PNM will learn about the chapters Philanthropy and why it means so much to them! The PNM will get to know the chapter on a more personal level. 

August 15th @10:30am


Preference round is the final and most formal round of recruitment. During this round the Potential New Member could be invited back to up to 2 chapters. However, it is not uncommon to be invited back to only 1. During this round, the chapters will reveal a more intimate side to them and express what their chapter means to them. At the end of the round, the PNM will rank their choices in preferential order.

August 16th @9am


The best day of the year, BID DAY!!! On this day the PNM will receive an invitation (bid card) to join one of the chapters they visited during the Preference round. PNM's will accept their bid and join their new sisters for a day filled with fun and love!

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